Why Travel With Us

At TaskVD Uganda Travels, we specialise in: Honeymoon Packages, Gorilla Tracking, Primates Viewing, Game drive Safaris, Personalized safaris, Bird Watching, Urban and Nature Based Safaris, Adventure tourism, School Trips, Car Hire, Airport Transfers, and Travel consultancy as well as hotel bookings. Name it and we’ll make it happen.

Our local representation: Our local representation in the country is good. Our travel partners, accommodation and service providers as well as our grand agents are all carefully chosen to ensure the quality of services provided, the expert guides and their commitment to the environment. They are mostly small, very personal, privately owned businesses with whom we have built up long-term relationships and whose personalities reflect the unique attractive character of Uganda, the abiding hospitality of its people and the remarkable spirit of the wild places.

Our reputation for quality: Well, over 70% of our clients have either travelled with us before or have been recommended by other satisfied travelers. Every one of our clients will deal with their own exclusive Country Director who will take care of the bookings, before during and after a trip to ensure a personal service from start to finish. We also pride our selves on delivering privileged insight into the nature world and taking you beyond the conservational tours. This is why our staff regularly travels to their specialized areas to explore new areas and find new experiences, ensuring their knowledge is up-to-date. Its because we are so proud of our reputation, that we are very happy to put you in contact with our past clients, with whom we have already traveled to the same parts of the world that are awaiting you. Just ask us!

Our expert guides and naturalists: We never compromise on the quality of the guides and expert naturalists we use in wild places. We know they will be a key part of your adventure and they have been specifically chosen because of their knowledge, enthusiasm and experience, allowing you to get the most out of your trip.

Complimentary Internet access: We appreciate the role of communication in this world, that’s why we make it possible through providing complimentary internet access to each and every one of our clients both when on safari with us and at rest points. So you can send your photos back home.

Knowledgeable locals and “secret spots”: our trips involve experienced locals to ensure our guests can access the very best of adventure, eco tourism and trails, locals will take our guests off the beaten track to success “secret spots” and crowd free areas.

Our unique Itineraries: we design our trips to offer our guests the very best a region. Its scenery, culture, food, accommodation, and night life, our trips are for every one who loves traveling and nature

All-round quality: our trips provide all round quality experience. This means stylish, unique, accommodation, base towns that are attractive and fun and destinations that offer incredible scenery ad culture in addition to eco-friendliness

Un-paralleled social cohesion: because guests travel with people who share their interests, they’ll find that our trips are unparalleled when it comes to meeting cool people and having a great social time.
Small groups: to ensure individual attention and the highest quality instruction. Our groups are very small, usually 8 – 15 individuals, and our instructor-guest ratio is 1:2 – 1:6 depending on the size of the group.


Freedom and flexibility: we make our trips as flexible as possible ensure that individual needs are met. Intensive guides’ supervision is available to guests and however, guests are free to use our guides as little as possible or as much as they like. Likewise, our trips offer a group experience but guests are always free to do their own thing when they prefer

Ease of responses: Every inquiry that we get, we ensure that it is responded to in the most short time possible with uttermost accuracy.

Convenience of payments: Trip payments can be made through money transfers and a confirmation receipt and Performa invoice will be sent back to you, the payer

Zero fixed costs-no booking and consultation fees:
TaskVD Uganda Travels provides free booking and consultations to all our intending clients, so, why not partner with us to make your vacation memorable

Our trips suite every type of client:

Beginners: You will be able to leave our trips with a new passion non-intimidated and our guides will be there for you.

Intermediates: our trips can be customized to be ideal for intermediates aiming to develop their experience, techniques, style, and push themselves to better experiences

Experts: with our world-class experienced guides, experts can take advantage of our local knowledge to access “locals only” areas and stray from the normal tracks

Women: Roughly half of our guests are women as are many of our staff. If you have female clients looking for a unique vacation, TaskVD Uganda Travels will give them the perfect opportunity to meet plenty of other like minded women whether they opt for our co-ed trips or one of our women only trips

Children, Back Packers, Excursionists, Researchers, EVRYONE!!!!!

We lead trips in over 14 spots in 4 countries

  • Gorilla tracking in Uganda and Rwanda
  • Bungee jumping in Uganda
  • Mountain and local community biking in Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania
  • White water rafting in Uganda
  • Game drive in Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya and Tanzania
  • Primate viewing in Uganda
  • Bird watching in Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda
  • Urban and natural based safaris in Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda
  • Adventure tourism in Kenya and Uganda
  • Personalized safaris in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda
  • Safaris in Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania
  • Cultural experiences in Uganda
  • Honeymoons in Uganda and Rwanda
  • Event driven trips and safaris in Kenya Uganda, Tanzania and Rwanda
  • Journalists’ safaris in Kenya Uganda, Tanzania and Rwanda

If there are any of the above safaris you need, let us know. Once again, we’ll be glad to help